A new begining

New decade(ish?), new look

With the new decade around the corner, after many years of studying and working I've finally earned my Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (Took me longer than most other students but I got there in the end). To begin this new era I thought I'd give this site a facelift with and switch over to GatsbyJS, a static site generator that uses react. Previous iterations of my sites began with WordPress and then to Jekyll, and then I heard about Gatsby and how it used React. Seemed like a perfect fit since all I've been using is React. After a lot of procrastinating and fumbling on my naming conventions I built up enough confidence to make my very first actual blog post on my personal page.

I didn't really do much with the previous iterations other than just having a really crappy portfolio site that I'd link with my resume, so going forward this new decade I want to make the time to post more articles on here related to my journey to become a halfway decent developer.

Special thanks

To Tania for her helpful articles, saved my bacon a couple of times. And to Ruben Harutyunyan/Vagr9K, the author of Gatsby Advanced Starter.