I started my journey in software development in 2012, where I started my bachelor's degree in IT at University of Western Sydney while working a part time data entry job. Transferred to the University of Technology, Sydney and eventually gratuated in 2019 with distinction in a bachelor of science in information technology. First working as a WordPress developer, learning to create and modify themes and moving on to maintaining and updating existing websites for clients. Afterwards, took a deep dive into Node.js and single page application development with React.js.

First language I learned was C++, and eventually moving on to JavaScript and a little bit of TypeScript. In addition to the programming languages that were part of my courses I've been learning on my own using the vast (and mostly free) resources available on the internet. Most of my strength is in front-end development, but my primary skills are with React (web and a little bit of mobile native), Node.js, TypeScript, HTML and CSS3/SCSS.

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A bit more about me

  • I like playing video games in my spare time, Rainbow Six: Siege and League of Legends are my current fix(es)
  • Playing my guitar, music tastes inclued rock/heavy metal - all time favourites are Soundgarden and Mastodon
  • Esports (Always Fnatic)